To support the intent, creation of a seamless open-architecture platform is equally important. Active management and creation of a systematic process being even more crucial

Investment Management

  • To Facilitate
  • Portfolio review & monitoring
  • Drafting of IPS based on Risk profile, objectives & other portfolio metrics
  • Identification of investment opportunities
  • Optimisation of portfolio costs
  • Consolidation of Investments
  • Preparation of Family Asset Allocation Mandate & Re-balancing system
  • Reporting as part of Monthly Dashboard

Accounting & Audit

  • To Liaise with Accounting & Audit Firms for
  • Periodical book-keeping & record management
  • Statutory Audits, Income Tax Return Filings etc

Succession Planning

  • Facilitate implementation of intergenerational estate transfer plans
  • Aid in development of family charter document
  • Co-ordinate with Legal experts & execute the estate plan incl. Will/Trust


  • Enable access to a consortium of professionals for need-based advice & execution in;
  • Legal and Tax matters including Litigations & Corporate Structuring
  • Real Estate: Investment & Transactions

Social Impact

  • Develop Philanthropic Plans & Strategies
  • Assistance with establishment of Charitable Institutions
  • Organize charitable activities & their due diligence
  • Facilitate Impact Investing & CSR


  • Monitor liquidity & Cash flow management
  • General account openings including entity incorporations
  • Facilitate personnel management & Recruitment

Risk Management

  • Development and implementation of an optimal risk management strategy
  • Managing risk of concentration in asset classes, instruments and underlying
  • Ensuring adequate insurance cover & policy execution including Life & Health

Fund Raising

  • To Liaise with Banks & Institutions for
  • Loans: Business & personal ventures
  • Debt syndication & private funds

Private Equity

  • To Facilitate
  • Due diligence and proposal evaluation
  • Legal structuring, term sheet and agreement drafting
  • Co-ordination with stakeholders, institutions & promoters

M & A

  • Project Reports for Acquisition & Sale mandates
  • Liaise with investment banks for transactions
  • Facilitate timely financial &/or operational due diligence

Startup & Business Consulting

  • Project launch and strategic consulting
  • Functional mandates & business development propositions
  • Periodical MIS and performance reporting