The why

Beyond a certain level of affluence, needs of a family grow beyond just wealth management and financial advisory. There arises a strong need for a professional, independent, consolidated platform to fill this invisible gap. Each Family is unique in its own way, with varied structural nuances. Our strength lies in understanding the grassroots and working in unison bottom-up, thereby enabling growth and prosperity for generations to come.

We strive to guide families and diverse groups by working with subject matter experts, with wide professional experience. We understand the unique challenges each scenario poses and aim to constantly up our game by equipping ourselves for the better.

Conscience Multi Family Office (MFO) is a humble attempt to address this gap and add value by creating a professional, tailor-made consortium.

The Journey

Where we stand !


Happy Families


Efficient Businesses


Crores Networth Impacted

When people start earning, saving and investing, they realize there is more to it than what meets the eye.

People save and invest accumulating wealth and then realize there is more that needs to be done. They realize taxes are a big problem and managing risk is a real concern. Many realize they need help but often don’t know where to go since they are not crystal clear on what they are even looking for. They just sense there is more.

Most investment managers, auditors and lawyers operate within their space and tend to not serve clients in other areas. They often don’t understand these things and can only offer what they know, which is limited to what they do. This is where integrated Multi Family Offices can add value and help build a professional consortium.

Conscience MFO continually strives to bring an experienced team of professionals to the table to coordinate resources, help manage cash flows, to reduce taxes, get a generational estate plan in place, offer holistic wealth management, and insurance planning to those who need this level of support.

Some of the key factors that highlight the need for engaging a MFO are

  • Alignment of Interests & governance
  • Conflict resolution mechanisms
  • Confidentiality & Privacy
  • Centralization of Services
  • Separation – Act as bridge between Business & Family Ventures
  • Balanced Asset Allocation & Diversification
  • Unbiased Investment Advice
  • Seamless Inter-generational Wealth Transfer
  • To address social responsibility with Prudence